current State of Jayce?

In my opinion he is pretty Weak. I dont know how to build Jayce in these days if i go full lethality then i still dont deal damage his damage just falls of so hard in the mid / late game. id say that his scaling is just too bad . he isnt a real lane bully anymore specially since ever top laner take resolve now and in the mid lane he isnt a good pick aswell . he doesnt get played allot in high Elo and according to stats he is performing well for a champ with his pick rate. i like to play jayce but he seems to be a too useless champion too play. his scaling is just way too bad and i think jayce can use a rework . his Hammer form W is so useless and his Canon form W aswell. Jayce is weak in team fights and he cant frontline. Jayce his strenght lay in the laning Phase he can dominate in melee match ups till they buy some armor then he will be weak again. Jayce is super good in splitpushing. and he is good in poking . sorry for my bad english. but how do u all feel about Jayce . Is he weak ? or he is balenced or is he strong.
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