Akali shroud, Galio ult and Yuumi.

All three of these keep spassing out in game. I was top lane and saw one portion of smoke from the enemy Akali in midlane, the smoke goes all over the map. When we were teamfighting she was just completely invisible, no shroud or anything. Thank GOD that wasn't a ranked game. Sometimes, after an ally Sylas uses Galio's ult and Yuumi attaches to him; the enemy Galio's ult indicator doesn't appear anymore. And Yuumi sometimes overlaps herself on the map, meaning it looks like the icon is displaying Yuumi on Yuumi. This is irritating because then you don't know who you're walking in on, all you know is Yuumi is with them. It could be a fed Zed, it could be a 0/24 Lulu. {{sticker:sg-janna}}

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