Why you hate Azir ?

So Azir used to be one of the strongest midlaners in the game and also one of the hardest to play with, Riot nerfed him hard, he is probably the most nerfed champion in the game, they removed the knockup, reduced his R soldiers number, removed the dmg to turret, reduced his range, his damage and his shield, saying he was too broken for the game, but if you look at the current champions and the current meta you will find a way more broken and easier to play with champions... Pyke an dash and stun everything in his way, Katarina can blink multiple times in short time, darkin kayn can knock up multiple targets every few seconds, Assassin Kayn can one shot champions in a 0.1 seconds and he ccan do it again just few seconds later, Kai'sa can go 0/20 in lane but still wins the game late, she can disappear and snipe champions from a distance, tp to the target, deals mixed damage..., yi now can go 1 vs 5, can solo baron... there are just a lot of examples of more broken champions than Azir when he was released. Don't you think now it's time to buff Azir ? increase his base armor and MR bring back his knock-up back bring back the W damage on turrets buff his passive increase his Q dmg and lower it's cd in early. what do you think guys ? isn't it time for riot to bring Azir back to the meta ? a high risk high reword fun to play champion should have a place in the current meta, at least make him B-tier champion..
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