Some Champs need buff & nerf plzzzzzzz

hello guyz first im sry for my poor english second trolls dont come here & talk about get gud & blab blab ty ok lets start Champs need nerf: 1.akali: she smoke & even tower cant dmage here :| all invisible champs get dmaage under tower or pink ward. but she not. why??? + her poke is op. she poke op dmaageu again again again with no mana cast or long CD. plz nerf it man 2.irela: she is hard op now. u just need some kills & u can 1 vs 3 guess 3.pyke: u sure he is a sup? he can easy kill too many heroes man. how he is sup? he stun u. he pull u with long range. his ulti is a darius ulti. he invisible & run wtf? 4.Camille: her ulti not fair. look at jarvan ulti? he ulti u & u flash & run :) useless ulti. but Camille ulti? she ulti u & u cant run. u must stay fight die or win. wtf? +she has a nice run spell on rocks+ a high op shield 5.ekko: he need really nerf on ulti man. u use all ur ulties damage on him & he use ulti & he again is half or full hp :) ty riot 6.illoi: she pull ur soul. next u must run from a space & she is damaging ur soul. but when u leave it. again his oftopus damage u. & u lose too much cs & xp cuz u must destory them :| this isnt fair man 7.kled: u must damage him too much cuz he has a pet. & he is 1500 hp in eary game :| with op damage. even tanks dont have it. wtf? 8.lisandra: wtf man? lisandra has too much CC stun for damage u or stun or run. he use Q & run. u wana kill her? he stun & run. u wana kill her? she use ulti on herself & again run :) next use zonias so she never die :| 9.urgot: is tanky but too much damage :| + shield? wtf? riot can nerf these champs & make game some balance now lets see which champs need buff??? 1.riven: most useless champ on this game :) no atackspeed. no movespeed. no special damage. just get some armor & she cant damage u cuz she is slow atackspeed. 1 stun & she dead. not even tanky. i bought 3 item armor pentration & my damage was 0 to a sion with 200 or 300 armor :| i know she is hard champ but she really is useless now. go watch boxbox videoes. even she cant do too much vs tanks or cc i belive riven need some atackspeed or buff her ulti on minimom damage & max damage. cuz armor make her sux 2.annie: she is good hero but she has no escape spell. she just has a CD but it must be rdy . ( lisandra has too much Spell for run ) i beg u buff his ulti Range. her ulti range is short & most time u get killed or enemy run from it. plzzzzzzzz buff it 3.Vi: her ulti is sux. not too much dmaage. & u can ulti someone only plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buff annie ulti range plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ty guyz
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