Why Championship Kallista?

Why has {{champion:429}} got the championship skin when she is under a year old. There are pleanty of other champions who are deserving of this skin. I think it shows how bad champion design has got if Kallista is so popular she gets the championship skin being under a year old. Now that's both {{champion:429}} {{champion:412}} and then there was Victorious {{champion:25}} who was only made because at the time of Worlds 2014 {{champion:25}} was a ridiculous powerhouse who Riot had not got around to nerfing yet. I find it terrible that the three "Championship" skins I know about have all gone to publically accepted "powerhouses of OP design" - {{champion:429}} {{champion:412}} and {{champion:92}} . I'm surprised there is not a championship {{champion:103}} as well because of how popular she is. Is popularity all that is considered when Riot makes "Championship" skins or is it just picked randomly because this is just wrong. Champions I believe should get the "Championship" skin themselves; {{champion:19}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:112}} and if it ABSOLUTELY MUST BE A CARRY that gets this skin, it should be; {{champion:15}} To me, this is far too biased. Because now that's two champs from the same place and same lore background that have both got championship skins - {{champion:429}} & {{champion:412}} . These other champions have had MUCH bigger impact on the LCS this year then {{champion:429}} .
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