Autofill in league of legends.

**Hi there.** I am a diamond 2 player with master +/- mmr and almost 50% is going the same,you either lose cause you have a teammate who is playing dogshit because he is autofilled, or you win because the enemy has autofilled players. It pretty much says itself that a master adc wont perform as good as a master toplaner. Riot implemented "autofill" to shorter the queue times, but honestly id rather wait 5+ more minutes than playing a 30min game beeing autofilled. Today ive played 3 games and autofilled in 2 of them (lost both autofill and won where i got my role). I also dodged cause i got autofilled only to get in a new lobby where i am autofilled. Please let me know how you are feeling about the ranked system as it stands now. - Norwegian Fapper
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