Hello everybuddy I am playing league from season 3 , and here I just want to speak my self for the first time about matchmaking etc I just finished placements with 8-2 or 7-3 smthing like that and got placed in Iron 1 ~ OK.. I was like fine I just going to climb quickly out of that but then I got teams going 0/10 - 0/11 - 0/15 like %%%%ing all of team..... and they just like ''oh its a bad game'' , sorry but its not %%%%ing just a bad game.. ALWAYS BUT ALWAYS some one just %%%%ing picking my prepick on purpose even if hes not able to use this champion on his current role or they just ban my picks ~~~~~~~~ and they be like oh ''I didn't see , sorry'' and its like every %%%in 3rd game.MOST of the games uncarryable at all saying this as diamond player ,because riot made this game only team game which doesn't exist on low elo even on diamond and then you are surprised why there so much toxic players !?!?!?!? yeah most of the toxic players could be just idiots but there is also %%%%ing good players which could carry games 1v9 in seasons 3,4,5,6 but now? just %%%%ing unreal. its like a lottery to get less feeders than your enemy team to actually win. HEY riot! do you even play your own game? oh maybe you chill there on challenger mmr so you couldn't understand any of this kind of stuff~ First time in my life thinking about quiting this game , yet you get perma ban for 2 games of rage when you actually try hard to win and your team keep throwing like what the %%%%? please get %%%ed in ur ass.
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