My Honor experience

Honor seems like a really nice way to tone down toxicity as rewards are included. I feel like people are less toxic now, hopefully it will stay like this in the long run. Already encountered players that want to trade honors too.. I actually feel like it is harder to get honor if you play support unless you carry the game or make good calls. Sometimes people are nice but no matter how good the support is, adc can have a score 15/0/5 and support 0/3/16 and everyone is going to honor adc, support has less appealing score because of the deaths that adc would have if support didn't die for him. But that can't really be avoided as this is a really competitive game and as support doesn't get as much gold can't carry as hard as other roles. Want to ensure you'll get honored as support? play Sona/brand/zyra Yes you can get them by playing other champions but in most cases if you played really well adc will take your hard work as he's getting all the kills from all your plays and he'll be the only one to honor you. Still overall i quite like the new honor system i was a bit sceptical at first but it turned out to be really good.
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