Riot's a bunch of Riven mains {Copied thread from NA}

I just saw this thread on NA, enjoyed reading it and wanted to share it with EU which is barely given attention to anyways. ENJOY. {{champion:122}} We removed his reset early on because it wasn't healthy for gameplay to have his ult up all the time {{champion:92}} Has her ult up 1 second after she gets back to lane {{champion:24}} We nerfed his early game since he was already had a great late game {{champion:92}} Is great at every point in the game {{champion:91}} {{champion:38}} We removed their silence because they could jump on you any get their combo off before you could react {{champion:92}} Gets an AoE knockup and AoE stun and an AD scaling shield (for if you CAN react in time) {{champion:64}} We removed his ability to get a shield when ward jumping just so we can say we nerfed lee sin since everyone is crying about him. Also we took away his AS slow on his E so it'll seem like we nerfed the core problem with Lee sin. {{champion:92}} Gets to use her huge as fuck shield constantly even when running away. Nerfs her Hp per 5 and reduces the time her shield is up without caring that the fact it scales with AD is the problem so that it would seem like they actually hit the issue with her shield. {{champion:45}} We dont like instant stuns {{champion:92}} HAH, they just don't like you, Veigar {{champion:113}} We like the fact you're a cc heavy tank but you're dealing a bit too much damage..nerfed {{champion:92}} CC heavy bruiser that acts like a tank with her retarded shield {{champion:86}} We gave Garen long cd's to balance out him being resourceless {{champion:92}} {{champion:55}} <- You too bitch {{champion:84}} We had to tone down Akali. Once she got a kill she snowballed way too hard {{champion:92}} Lmfao seriously? {{champion:28}} {{champion:2}} We just flat out don't like you guys. Too hard to balance {{champion:92}} Easy as shit to balance. Refuses to do anything {{champion:157}} Well, you see Yasuo..your shield is making you too tanky. We like the idea of you being a hyper carry but with that shield of yours you are just too tanky to have that type of damage and overloaded kit {{champion:92}} First was your elder. Now you. And yes, to those of you who constantly see these threads by me. I hate Riven. I despise her with every fiber in my body. I know the Riven mains will down vote this because they can't accept the fact Riven is overloaded as shit. "I mean you can just buy armor!" {{champion:92}} I'll buy{{item:3035}} "Well, you can always get 3 armor items" {{champion:92}} Well, I can always get{{item:3142}} "Get 6 armor items!" {{champion:92}} Nigga, I already won the game. "Well, fuck, guess we have to ban you {{champion:92}} Can't,{{champion:7}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:14}} already took up the very small amount of bans we get
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