Hello, So, URF has been my favorite mode in the game for a long time... until you made it all random. When you did that it just became very bad to be honest because i get an ashe while the enemy team gets zed fizz akali leblanc katarina... I just do not understand why you would make it all random when the game mode was amazing as it was. Additionally, all the people i ever spoke to agreed with me that all random ruined the game. Not to mention that limiting the champion pool for the snowdown event just made it even more horrible. I am not here to flame you or trash talk, i have a suggestion. If there are some people who prefer all random, why not make both modes available? Like that the people that want all random can go for it and the people that want normal URF can go for it too. I think that would just make the mode much better because right now it simply isn't fun at all. EDIT: I dont see the problem with only 20-30 champs showing up in the mode... Blood moon is limited to assasins, the project thing was limited to adcs, the star guardian was limited to that champs with that skin. I just dont see the issue... why ruin the game for the majority so that the minority wouldnt nag. i really hate poro king, but u dont see me crying about it all the time ffs
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