There is to much damage in game

I dont understand how riot cant figure out that there is to much damage in game considering how many people complaining about that. Force and conq need hard nerf because its a joke that all you need is item like force that isnt even full dmg item to run around map and one shot people. Ap dmg is unreal. Legit you need {{item:3802}} to get power spike on most champions and do stupid amount of dmg with enough mana to hit one in 10 skill shots and win lane. **Mana items should have passive where they reword you if you hit champion and punish you for missing them. Right now you can just spam abilities with eyes closed ** Jungle changes just forced junglers to perma gank. If you play top vs top/jg duo you legit cant play game if they decide to camp you. jg camps should give less xp and gold but spawn MORE often so junglers have to waste time to actually farm and not just perma gank. Junglers like camille are textbook example of bad jg system right now. Camille just farms red,blue , crabs and perma gank and still has enough xp to not fall behind just from ganking. Perhaps give more xp and gold to small monster camps nerf big one. Crabs Have to be reverted. That was just horrible idea by riot and they dont want to admit mistake and will probably take them 2 season to fix that mistake again. If you want for junglers to interact more with each other just make it stealing camps from enemy jg gives you more gold or return those small buffs monsters had before so it was worth going to enemy jg smite wolfs to get vision in enemy jungle.
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