I'm having thoughts about deleting this game.

Hi, I'm going to split this in to parts just to make a point. #1. Fixing bugs/Making the game more stable is not a priority I'm talking about the fake plants bug, runes bug, minions are bugged, server crashes as well. Riot literally refuses to get better euw servers, this shows that they don't care to fix the game and it's all about $$$ Client is also complete garbage and they refuse to make a normal functioning one. Sometimes while I'm in champ select, I have a fear of changing my secondary rune tree in the last 5 seconds because it might change to the wrong rune and not the one I chose. #2. This game actually has less champions than you might think I'm talking about those champions who are left in the dust and are totally unplayable. Champions like Kalista, Skarner, Galio, Au Sol, Kench. Shaco With the new Upadte to Au Sol won't change anything, might even make it worse because the champions is terribly designed. Why play Au Sol when you can play Lux? In fact if you want to win the game why play any other mage than Lux? There is a trend in league _"why play X champion when Y champion is better?"_ #3. Forcing champions to a specific role Usually when Riot makes a champion then the community says where that champion goes, this is not the case. I'm talking about champions who could go to other lanes and do well. Pyke was forced to support. Skarner is forced to jungle and he even does it bad. Kayn was forced to jungle. Kench was so forced to go support but they ended up killing the champion. Full ap alistart top is gone, that used to be a thing. Camille is forced to a lane and kicked out of jungle. #4. The balance team. Support team not bad. Skin team good. Marketing team good. But the balance team are just apes, what the hell? They started listening to hashinshin, I know this because I watch him a lot. (they started doing this about 1 or 2 months ago maybe even more) This is a bad thing to listen to him 100% of the time, most of the time he is right but sometimes he is just wrong about some thing. Aatrox was about drain tanking, but he had a revive for a reason. Aatrox used to get increased healing when he fell below 50% hp thus a revive is not a bad idea. That's why i said you shouldn't listen to hashinshin 100% of the time, because he is wrong that they should remove revivve. Also most of the time, I don't know what the f#@! is the balance team trying to pull. #5. Addiction After every game I'm not satisfied. After every game I say "I could have done something better with my time". I could have created a great game, learned new optimization tricks while I make the game, learn something new. I could have done something better with my time than just wasting it on league. And this is the biggest reason that is tilting me towards deleting this game and not playing it again.
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