Why is it impossible to get honored as an ADC?

Yesterday I played a game as Jinx. I hard carried the game, my stats were 19/3/7, my farm was the best by far in both teams, I dealt twice as much damage as the one who dealt the second most damage, I even got a pentakill -> 0 honors. Today I went a Miss Fortune game, 11/2/12, reasonably high damage, probably had one of the most CS/min I've ever had (7.7, which considering I'm a support main is not that bad, second highest in the match was 6.3), and I was just popping off -> 0 honors. Second Miss Fortune game today, 19/6/10, most damage, played really well and had some very nasty ults -> 0 honors. I'm not asking to be the most honorable one on my team. I just want to get honored 1 single time as an adc, but it's impossible. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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