what champ should I play to solo carry out of silver?

Ok, thats it, I have enough. I just EXPLODED a game, completely ANNIHILATED every single ennemy I met with a SUPPORT and my team wasted everything AGAIN. I spent all early DELETING the ennemy bot lane as if they were minions. I litteraly denied them the ability to play. 12 farms for the ennemy adc against 50 farms for mine. 4 kills to zero. We get the tower. Then I rekt every ennemy champ SOLO. With a SUPPORT. This is how bad they were. But my team was even worse! They fed twitch to the point he could just 2 shot me using an insane ammount of skills : right clicking on my champ. At this point I've done everything that was humanly possible. I tried again and again. The only moments I win is when I troll. I go braum top with botrk, I feed, and yet the rest of the team carries. Absurd. So I have enough. I'm done trying to carry raw trash. I dont want to have anything to do with random dead weights anymore, they only waste my efforts. I litteraly HATE my teammates. But I'm not a quiter. I have invested way too much time in this game to just give up. I want to get gold. If normal people, with a normal life, can get to diamond, there's really no reason I wouldnt get gold. I've played with several diamonds, platiniums, they all say I'm gold-level. So I want to main a champ that can win a game even with bronze teammates. One that can 1v2 or 3 if played correctly. To get out of this hell hole and finally have some fun with decent players. Any suggestion?
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