Aatrox after changes

I'll be very short with you all, I am a big Aatrox enthusiast, after his original rework I played him more than 300 games mostly top and mid, I learn he has a lot of playstyles from his runes some giving him more all-in like electro and some against range match-ups in top like comet and the new one conq vs bruisers and tanks it's just awesome because the champion is definitely not laking keystone nor builds/items to go. He seems pretty balanced after all the nerfs before 9.9 but after the new patch Aatrox doesn't even have the same darkin playstyle all because of his ult. I feel like they may as well nerf literally everything else but the only thing that made him special (reviving) they reworked it so it can be more so of a all in ult than a duelist type of ult. I feel his ult being very very weak and with all the other nerfs pre 9.9 now it just adds up, his ult last for 10 sec... you literally can't do much with it in teamfights nor lane. My idea is to give him back his double dash and more ms on his ult and base ms, I would really love to hear what other Aatrox players think about the new rework, I think Riot went the wrong path with it. {{champion:266}}
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