Is this your average Bronze player? (Why I quit League of Legends)

**Is this your average Bronze player?** Cuz' according to Riot and its algorithm it is... Your average Bronze - More of your average Bronze player - Too Long Didn't Write Why I stopped playing League of Legends? * **Algorithm is F'ed up** - started season with 87% WinRate outta 20 something games, then algorithm decided that couldn't happen so it dropped me to 47% WinRate. * **Low LP Gains** - after the 87% WinRate drop, started to earn 13 - 16 LP and losing 21. * **Algorithm F'ed up again** - now you can't even have a winning streak, win 1 lose 2. So clearly can't climb losing 21 LP against winning 13LP per win. Super fair, right? * **Too much labor intense and time wasting** - this explains itself... Hours wasted trying to climb and carry teams to basically lose LP and waste your time cause each game of Bronze and Silver division takes an estimate of 30 to 40+ minutes. That's right, 30 to 40+ minutes to lose 21LP that's how long it takes. Lol Moral of the story. Hi Apex Legends, hello FPS world.
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