LoL is finally made by Rito into impossible to play game.

1) Trolls, idiots on all roles. In all divisions. 2) Overpowered trash like Sylas, every game something overpowered pops up. 3) Underpowered trash still exists. If someone stupid enough picks underpowered trash, no way you are going to win that game. Your champions MUST be at least A tier to feel yourself normal. Meanwhile Rito continues to sell trash champions, skins for these, etc etc etc. 4) Idiot junglers, who only know how to farm. Same idiot, when playing lane, only goes into 1v1 or 1v2 and dies NNN times. Because why use your champion pressure in 2v1? 2v1 is for noobs, brave warriors always do 1v2, 1v3 and so on! 5) Matchmaking is a roulette, one game your lanes go 0-5, then next game it is opposite 5-0. 6) Whatever strong player you are, there is no way to beat smurfs and boosters because they sit on queue reject and always get into single game. Same that you cannot beat wintraders in high elo. 7) New players don't want to play "game of trolls" and "game of smurfs". They continue to play normal games and be unranked, or just play ARAM/TFT. 8) Riot continues to PUSH for the system of autofills and queue rejecting, because they don't want boosters/smurfs to stop playing. "Let them continue to play". Even more, Riot implements the MMR algorithms, so if you are doing better then other trash, you are placed into worse teams. I really tested it. When I trolled in couple of games, having fun with large number of deaths. I got teammates who were trying their best. They were super-salty. Unlike that, just played mid in soft-countered lane, where I could not force anything, and my jungle simply did nothing. It was not like he was fighting, he was just running around getting CS and letting them take all dragons/nash. So it was basically over, most friggn wasted time of my life ever to even touch this shithole of a game, which has no sense, no aim, no meaning at all. On top of that, Riot just owns all boosting business in this game, so why do players even want to play it? Let these boosters to play among themselves. They can "have all fun" they want. I already decided, I won't play any ranked next season in this trash of a game. My account is currently B1-S4 and I don't want to rise it in higher elos. Instead, I want it to go opposite, into deep elo hell. So I probably will have fun intil I hit kinda 200-300 MMR. Ranked does not exist for me anymore. Right at silver4 ranked ends, and begins the territory of trolls/smurfs/overpowered trash/boosting duos and 2x2 etc. etc. etc.
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