Let's talk about Aatrox

{{champion:266}} is argueably one of the weakest / least useful champions in the game right now. He is one of the least played champions and his win rate is also very low on both top and jungle (According to http://www.lolking.net/champions and https://champion.gg/champion/Aatrox/Jungle). His kit is very odd - it has the focus on Attackspeed and he gets more Attackspeed the more he damages himself, until the Blood Well is full. With Attackspeed he can deal more damage and heal back up. Problems are: 1. Champions don't stand still and he is a meele with only 150 base range (even Vi and Fizz have 175) and is not going to be able to make use of his Attack Speed. Not to mention that his jump with knockup has a long startup animation that will either be interrupted or dodged. Even with his ult he only got 325 range, that is still only 1 extra hit before the enemy champion gets away. 2. He has not a single movementspeed increasing ability. 3. If he get's slowed/stunned when his Q is down in a teamfight and the enemy team moves away, his kit is useless for the rest of the fight and he can only run away or walk normally towards the enemy team and die before arriving in most cases. 4. His passive-revive makes the Blood Well empty, causing him to lose all the attackspeed he got from it. That means he either has to fight without the attackspeed or fill it back up with his abilities, killing himself again. A while ago Riot patched his ult and made it fill the Blood Well for each champion hit. Problem is, when Aatrox's revive gets triggered, the enemy is either going to wait with some ranged abilities to kill him the moment he gets up and channels Q to get in range for R or just runs away before Aatrox can make use of his ult when he kept it for the time after his revive. 5. His Blood Well starts unfilling by 2% per second, as soon as {{champion:266}} doesn't damage himself again in 5 seconds. Which basicly means that you lose all the build up attackspeed while you're waiting for the next minion wave or while you're moving to lane for a gank or when moving from jungle camp to jungle camp. 6. His main damage tool for longer fights- Blood Price [W] - has a 25% Bonus AD scaling on the HP cost. So you basicly kill yourself faster when you buy AD. They probably thought it makes sense because of the Blood Well, but the faster Blood Well filling is not worth the HP cost, especially since you don't get anything out of the AD-scaling costs at some point anymore, because the Blood well has a cap. These are the changes I'd make in order to let Aatrox compete with the avarage toplane or jungle champion: - Remove the AD scaling from Blood Price - Increase the Blood Well unfilling timer to 15 seconds - Massacre gives Aatrox additional 60 flat base movementspeed that decrease again over the 12 second duration by 5 movementspeed per second - Dark Flight cast range increased from 650 to 750
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