Have been suspended for maybe rightful reasons

I have been suspended for unsportsmanlike behavior until 27th October. I do not ask to get me unbanned because I kind of deserved it, but I do not think I will recover from this. The biggest reason I have been flaming recently is the feeders in ranked games. Please fix this matchmaking queue. It is totally unbalanced, not to mention about the champions. I have come close to quitting league entirely because of broken champions. Just why? What are you trying to do when creating yasuo, or vayne (champs that I main) or even Kayn. Do you actually think it's a totally balanced champion? I don't understand anymore.This could easily be the best game of its kind, but the champion unbalancement literally puts it in the last spot for me. After my ban, I don't feel like playing league for some time or forever. People that flame or afk never get suspended, but it has to happen to me that I flame because of the literally unbalanced champions. This is totally your fault I can't control my anger anymore. Nobody can keep his anger build up when he sees a Kayn one shot you or a Vayne 3 tap you. Nobody.
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