ADC Season 7

Hay to all adc mains out there. For the last 2 seasons i have mained support and while i love playing support esp as {{champion:111}} its hard to climb out of bronze/silver as i am reliant on having a semi decent adc and a semi decent team that knows how and when to engage/push towers/get obj etc etc. Now i play with 3 other people who mostly take top/mid and jung so i was thinking of learning adc but i have no idea which adc are good for lower elos so far i have tried {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:110}} done semi decent on them but in the assassain rework i still get deleted in 0.5 secs. Now i know that my positioning needs work as i am learning but i was kinda loking for a adc that can farm well and survive early game and that i can climb with. Many thanks
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