Damage in League of Legends

This topic has been brought up before and it's not something completely new but I, as someone who played adc (and has given up on it), would love for it to be brought out again as Riot did promise to overall lower the damage in the game but haven't done anything about it as far as I know. There have been some tweaks to the runes but it just didn't cut it. I've played for 5 season (started late season 4) and I have a fair share of knowledge when it comes to the game. I'm not saying I'm extremely good at the game (my mechanics are lacking) but I do know how the abilities of every single champion work including passives, how much damage they roughly do at what level and with which items etc. However, when compared to what League was when I started, the damage is absurd. It is no longer a game of who can outmaneuver people in a fight as an adc, it's not about who has better dodging mechanics or anything else. It's about who has the damage to one shot the other people. The reason why the adcs that are meta are in fact in the meta, is that they can snowball a lead OR they can do their damage from such a long range that the enemy team would have to flash dash a ridiculous distance and kill the target. The reason I'm typing this is, well, I've given up on adc. Everything one shots you and if you don't get an insurmountable lead in the lane, you're not going to do anything. Meanwhile, I was playing Zoe for fun with some friends. I'm not a mage player, I was behind, It was just a normal game but I wanted to test it out. I was 0/2/1 with okay-ish farm and I randomly hit a bubble on their adc (a Jinx) and killed her from full health. She just came from base. She had a shut down and she just instantly died. Instantly. Without any counterplay. I had Ludens and sorcery shoes. That is absurd and insane. And Zoe isn't the only champion that can do that On the other hand, you also have bruisers that in the mid game are impossible to kill as an adc yet, an Irelia hits a single stun on you and you will die. Also Riot is recently making champions that have insane amounts of mobility. Impossible to kite with traditional adcs like Jinx. I've started jungling and when I, as a Hecarim that's behind, can one shot their adc if I find him alone and I charge my E fully, that's not okay. Now, this is but it should not be an adc rant. I'm playing jungle now and I'm also getting annoyed by how much damage I deal as well as how much damage an enemy jungler deals. Specifically a lee sin that had 2 kills that I engaged on as a hecarim, that was the same level as me, we both had warrior (i was 1/0/3 and he was 2/0/2) one shotting me by kick q q e. I was dead instantly. That's just not OK. It's reduced league to a state of whoever can one shot someone else wins. In the jungle previously you would have to kite the camps correctly til the midgame otherwise you would simply lose too much hp to be ready to gank. Now when you buy your completed jungle item you can just ignore the tactic of kiting. You take the camps extremely fast with just that item and you also regen so much. And, as we all know, jungling isn't about really being in the jungle and scaling anymore. It's about getting enough kills to be able to one shot the other team. That's why ganking junglers are meta. It's not that the scaling junglers scale badly, they just don't have the time to scale. When an enemy lee sin that ganked 3 times invades a nocturne that didnt manage to get a gank off but farmed really well, who do you think will win? I've played a game of Vi today where the enemy elise just kept ganking, I've found 3 successful ganks but I farmed really well. All my lanes were pushing so well, elise, who had 28 cs was 7/1 and I was at 60 cs with 2/1/2, well she had more gold and EXP from me. I'd understand the gold, but the exp as well? For what? What I would do in this case, even though it's not my concern how it's executed... I would lower ad and ap slightly on all the items. It doesn't have to be by a lot.
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