Proposing some changes to league

Shields: The last couple of batches of new champions and changes made to old champions all include some form of shielding. Currently in the game there are only two champions that can deal with enemy shields. These being Renekton and Blitzcrank. Considering how ubiquitous shields have become I believe that we deserve a way to itemize against shields. There are currently several items and runes that strengthen Shield power and yet we do not have a single tool to deal with these outside of two champions. I believe the game would benefit greatly from a larger pool of items that players can build. Shields are extremely powerful when used at the right moment so I believe that whatever item is made should be an active. I think it would be interesting to have an item that steals a shield. This way someone using the shield at the right moment would still get the benefit of having said shield because they use it to block a large amount of burst damage, but someone spamming the shield at any given moment can be punished for doing so. Healing and grievous wounds: The debuff on grievous wounds was reduced to 40% from 50% in patch 5.22 (November 2015) and has seen no changes since. This is despite the changes to the runes adding a large amount of ways to obtain hp back. In list of runes that provide direct healing or increase receeved healing we have Conqueror, Triump, Fleet Footwork, Legend: Bloodline, Grasp of the Undying, Font of life, Second Wind, Rejuvenation, Taste of Blood, Ravenous Hunter, Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic. As you can see the list is quite extensive. And yet there are only 3 full items (plus two components) that reduce healing and do so only for a measly 40%. On top of this the options for applying grievous wounds to an enemy are quite limited. These are to Damage an enemy while having mortal reminder (executioner's) or Morellonomicon or to get hit by an autoattack while having Thornmail (bramble vest). This leaves supports, tanks and bruisers with no way of effectively itemizing against champions such as vladimir, ekko or thanks to Conqueror and Catalyst. In order to not make this simply be a thing of grievous wounds being buffed and one item completely negating healing I think there should be several items that reduce healing by a reduced amount. Say there were several items that had grievous wounds and these would stack. That way you could have items that slightly affect healing as a frequent purchase and then add other items when you have to itemize specifically against healing. Please make new items for dealing with healing. getting a free CC chain from the fog of war??? Yasuo's ult is a very unique one and Yasuo would not be the same without it, but to be honest it is extremely frustrating to play against. The thing that I (and probably many others) find frustrating about this ability is the way that a Yasuo is able to benefit extremely from having teammates with knockups. I believe that Yasuo should not be able to simply use his ult whenever someone knocks an enemy up from the other side of the lane. being able to intantly appear ontop of an enemy champion and get a cc-chain going from 1400 range is ridiculous. Specially with things like VI or Sett. I believe Yasuo's ult range should be lowered when he does not have a q charged. An example would be that when his q is not charged his ult can be cast on enemies from 800 or so range and this going up depending on how charged his q is. At 1400 range Yasuo can ult an enemy from outside of sight range (1200 according to TL:DR We need more options to reduce healing. We need items to deal with shields Please reduce Yasuo's ult range when he does not have Gathering Storm charged up. Thank you for reading.
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