Autofill just don't work

Riot, I get what you are trying to do, but It just doesn't work at all, since ever Autofill come to league I just can't play a game without getting autofill support until I wait for like 15 minutes Queue, you really should fix this, and you know how to fix it ?? Remove Autofill, simple, the games we enter will be much faster, and we will not see 10 Match Dodges all the time we want to play a game, and don't start with those arguments, "We think it would help the games and our statistics show that anyone is complaining about it and everyone is getting in game much faster" That's a complete Lie, you're probably talking about rank Diamound to Challenger, cause all the other ranks dodge all the time and we need to wait for about 15 minutes to play a game or more. So just do one thing, remove Autofill.
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