Current Yasuo situation

I really wish some changes to be brought to Yasuo's kit,because,as it is now with his basically "%%%% everyone and everything passive", 2 items 100% crit chance and "get to base and teleport back to lane duration" cooldown on his ult,it is taking all the fun away out of the game. I have nothing against all those who mainly play him,but,the way i see it,something must be done. Literally in every 8 or 9 games out of 10 that i played recently,i've encountered at least one per match( i'm talking about normal matchmaking). I really don't want to have to pick someone specifically to be able to withstand him,because there's not a large number of champions who could do that,and even with those, most of the times it's not enough,as mid through late game,you rarely stand a chance in a fight.
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