Suggestion for improving the Support role's popularity

Many people have been trying to fix the support "problem" (that very few people choose to play the role, so queue times are too long are people are forced into playing it). Many solutions have been suggested, and Riot Games has even tried out a few, but the problem remains that very few people want to play the role. My suggestion is small, and simple, but so far I haven't seen it suggested yet. The problem with the support role is the word "support". It implies that you have to spend the entire game babysitting the rest of your team and cleaning up after their mistakes (and not in a 1-v-5 Master Yi pentakill kind of way). It makes you sound like you team's bitch. Are you your team's bitch? _Hell_ No! So, we scrap the word "support" from the role altogether. Anyone who even mentioned the word "support" in champion select is going to see the-player-in-bot-lane-that-isn't-a-marksman-besides-MF instalock Tahm Kench and get repeatedly carried right into that very fed enemy Victor. We need a better word that describes the role and makes it clear to the other members of your team that you are here to take part in the game, not just looking after the other player in their lane. They are there to make plays for your team and stop the enemy team making plays. Okay, lets go with that. **Playmaker** The Playmaker role is the only role in League of Legends that does not care in any way, shape or form, about their Creep Score. Playmakers can choose from different starting items to other roles, enabling them to gain gold while focussing on doing what they do best: making plays. You begin in the bot lane, alongside the "bot", but any time the enemy champions return to base you can go and see what's happening in the rest of the map... Here are the 3 subclasses of Playmaker champions to choose from, with a brief explanation of the playstyle this subclass has and some champions that can be played in that style. **Tenacious Playmakers** Recommended For: Top Laners who enjoy playing Tanky champions Starting Item: Relic Shield Example Champions: Alistar, Braum, Leona, Nautilus, Taric Tenacious Playmakers are exactly what they sound like: a big, stubburn, brick walls who refuses to let anyone get in their way. The fact that you have ranged player behind you twanging their little bow at minions is an afterthought; you are there to stomp a mudhole in some bot lane face and walk it dry. The enemy team will try to poke you with their little arrows / bullets / axes (seriously? axes?) / ninja starts (oh come on, really?) / poison darts (yes, he's a marksman) and what will you do in response? You will look at them across the lane, laugh, and punch a minion; your starting item gives you gold, health, and make it clear that they did absolutely nothing of value. As the game progresses you will become harder and harder to kill, not needing to waste gold on any damaging items that you would normally need to buy in order to contribute to team fights. You will reach the point where you can't die anymore and any time both teams group up your team has 1 more big, menacing monster than the enemy team to get through before they can even try to kill your backline. **Harassive Playmakers** Recommended For: Mid Laners who enjoy playing Poke champions Starting Item: Spellthief's Edge Example Champions: Bard, Karma, Lux, Morgana, Zyra Imagine, if you will, the following scene: You walk into lane, with your poke champion, the enemy laner does the same, and you begin the emote spam duel that always happens in midlane while you wait for the minions to arrive; once they do, you will begin to annoy each other with long range spells while trying, and sometimes failing, to get the last hit on that damn cannon minion. Now, imagine the same scenario, but someone else is there to waste their time killing minions while you get gold (yes, actual money to spend on items) from making your opponent's life miserable while they still need to try and farm creeps. Welcome to bot lane: Harassive Playmaker's playground. Most marksman think they're safe behind their second line of minions, but you have spells you can place where-ever they're standing or smash right through their backline and into their face. In late game, having built Ability Power, you'll be another threat that the enemy team has to keep their eye on if they ever want to win the game. If the marksman falls you can easily triple-kill the poor fools that survived. Any player that steps out of the group is going to get combo'd down. **Playbreakers** Recomended For: Ex-"Support" players Starting Item: Ancient Coin Example Champions: Janna, Lulu, Nami, Sona, Soraka While Tenacious Playmakers are about walking into the enemy team to make plays, and Harassive Playmakers make theirs in lane., the Playbreakers are an entirely different perspective on the game. You want those players to come to you. You want those players, and their team-mates, to dive you under turret. You want them to _try_, and you are going to make them **fail**. The Playbreakers have existed since League of Legends was created, and are the only thing more toxic than a Riven main feeding a Teemo. You have been given the opportunity to join them. At first the playstyle seems very similar to that of the Harassive Playmakers; you poke them a little, ignore the minions dying around you, but you never use any of your spells. They know you can, so why don't you? Perhaps you haven't leveled anything? Perhaps you've only just reached Level 30? Perhaps their jungler would like that nice, juicy double kill... When they try to respond to your poke just turn around and run away. You got what you wanted so why stay? They try to chase you and then you use your spells. You can throw them up in the air, trap them in a bubble, make them unable to cast any spells, even turn them into a small, furry animal (bet that embarrassment tastes purple, 'ey jungler? ;P). As the game goes on they will try again, and again, and fail again, and again, until suddenly your fed carries turn around and annihilate them while the rest of their team is unable to stop it, trapped within your control. **The Elephant in the room: The Sighstone** Ah, yes, the Sighstone; the 800 gold label that you should probably be in gold just for remembering to buy it. The mark of the "support" role's shame, the "ward bot" of seasons past, the cornerstone of "I'm only here to give my team vision". But in most cases, your team will ignore all the vision on the map, so it doesn't matter if you buy it anyway, right? We can forget about this item even existi- **Wrong.** The Sighstone has never been, and never will be, about giving your team vision. It has never been, and never will be, about letting your team see where the enemy jungler is or where that midlaner has wandered off to. This is all about giving _you_ that vision so that you can make, or break, plays. ... and the best part? Your starting item has a build path with Sighstone to give your cooldown reduction (read: make / break even more plays) and improve the already impressive benefits your starting item gave you. Alternatively, you can upgrade it into the Ruby Sighstone which reduces the cooldown of all your activated items (Righteous Glory, Zhonya's Hourglass, Mikael's Crucible) by 20%. **In Conclusion** So come along marksman, with your silly need for CS. Come along junglers, to where they used to be a weak, easy gold source for you to farm after you'd cleared all your camps. Come along top laners and mid laners who thought they were so smart for roaming to bot lane. You're standing on a Sighstone ward. And we're ready to make plays. **Disclaimer** This is intended as a legitimate post with some humor thrown in. We all know the puns Riot has to throw in to make their explanation videos entertaining and this was intended to mirror that. I honestly believe the only problems with the "Support" role right now is the attitude towards it and the lack of clarity around what the role can do (make plays, break plays, even carry with damage if needed) as opposed to what the role once was seen as (place wards, die for the team). Reddit thread for the same idea, reposting here for different visibility:
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