Why Riot Games DO YOU Stop Promo Helper at Gold 2 ??

On a real note can we actually get a verification on WHY THIS IS THE WAY IT IS !! HOW IS IT FAIR for me to lose my Gold 1 Promo over 7 TIMES HOW IS IT FAIR to go on a 5 GAME WIN STREAK GET TO PROMO LOSE PROMO FOR THE NEXT 3 Times in Plat 5 ??? WHY Do you remove the 1 THE ONLY 1 GOOD Thing you have EVER done in Ranked System and Limit to Gold 2 ??? Why WHY MUST I STRUGGLE IN PROMO Because i have to win 2/3 WHY RIOT GAMES IS IT FAIR THAT I HAVE LOST OVER 60 PROMO GAMES THIS SEASON !?!??!!? WHY just 1 Answer why is this the way it is ???
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