Darius, Do You Think He Is OP?

I've read alot of threads were people moan and groan that Darius is OP blah blah Ult is stupid, Well Darius isn't that OP, His E is buggy as all hell, his Q pushes the lane (If you don't know why this is bad don't complain that Darius is OP), his Ult is only good on a single target, the only source of AoE damage he has is his Q which does apply Hemo, but it goes away after 5 seconds (I think) the only way he is really good in teamfights, is if you turn into a movie bad guy going in 1 by 1. He is a really good laner, and he does have the best kill potential in the game at 6 (in my opinion), but he doesn't have an escape and ranged champs counter him (Ashe for example) because of her slow and I think she is outside the E range, you have to just not be stupid and stand and attack, because he will pull you in.
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