Being high Rank doesn't make you a god.

I just played ranked Flex in TT like I usually do to stack up wins for missions and I got a diamond player who refused to listen and saw himself as the best player in our team. Without doubt, diamond players in solo que are great and I know he can win in a 1vs1 without problems. But saying that you can win in TT against bronze flex players while you never played that map before, is way over your head. Specially when you ignore the overall objectives, how the roles work on the map and how important your team is in TT. For people who don't know. In TT, there's no roles. You can play double lane, without jungler, can play funnel, and where ever your champions mean to go doesn't matter. Unskilled players think that the roles are Fighter top, Tank jungle and Mage bot. But skilled TT players doesn't think like that. Anything that can jump walls are good in the jungle and those who choose to play lane should go on that lane they have the biggest advantage in. For ex, last game Our diamond player was fixated that he was meant to go bot as a mage, when he had a way more likely matchup to win top. We almost lost the game cause of this decision. People also need to understand that There are 5 objectives in TT. These are Nexus, Inibs, towers, Valdimaw and most importantly altars. If you kill the nexus you win the game, basic knowledge. Taking turrets gives you and advantage to win, destroying the inibs increases your chance to win by a double the amount you had to start with, Valdimaw is like a baron buff, It's bascially extremely easy to take objetives with this and last but most important altars. If you fail to take control of the altars, your team will never win fights and you will lose the game even if you got an Inib and Valdimaw. They are extremely important, and those who brush them off, like our diamond player last game are just asking to lose the game on purpose. It's almost like saying a LoL pro player in pro on Dota just as much as they are on LoL, which is so false. Please understand switching gamemodes has nothing to do with your rank.

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