Some new thoughts and ideas

I was just thinking about new features to this game. Just wanted to share som ideas and feedback, some of the ideas maybe thought about before and discarded. I have been playing this game for 3 years. I mostly play solo/duo or flex, and after 3 years, it gets kind of boring fighting to get up that ladder. My thoughst were : **On Solo/Duo/flex system** 1. Add another Q where u can only Q as solo and no duo players can Q there? That would be the most fair Q for ranked, as you have to grind your way all by your self. Tournaments : I mean it should be another fun idea to have ongoing tournaments. **Solo Q 1 day tournaments** Where you Q up and try to fight your way up. Tournamet registration starts at X time, and after that you cant register. Games should maybe be shorter if its summoners rift, and maybe it should be like 15-20 min, most gold, or most kill or firstteam who takes down 1 or 2 turrets or something. If someone disconnects and the number for next game dont match up replace that with a bot (i know its unfair, but its not the world championship). Every player who win go back to solo Q and get matched up with a new team, so the teams will be random. Until the final battle. Make it that it goes live on twitch every week or something. Lets say all legues get their own tournament, so if your bronze, you can only against bronze players and so on. i know this can be like going on forever if its to many who register, so maybe cap it to x number players so the tournament wont go on forever. Or make a mission about it, that whoever complete that mission wins a ticket so only those who want will participate and not ruin game by going afk etc. **Solo Q 1 v 1 tournament** Its 1 v 1 battle, You fight your way up. After you ban some champs, the players have 3 options to present a champ they want to duel with, if both agree, match starts, if 1 disagree next champ will be presented. If no one picks a champ after 3, the game gives them a random champ and thats it. The match should be first kill and its over. Timer should be around 5-10 min or so. Maybe you can start with aditional levels at start and some gold to get things going. If no one dies, the champ who has teh most gold wins or so?When you leave start area your gold wuill be 0 so you dont get any advantage ofcourse. Again have a cap so you dont end up playing for 8 hours. **Team tournaments 1 day tournaments** You register a team and same as Solo Q team tournament above. Then ofcourse you will play with the same team. **Top 10 players every league** Lets face it, silver, gold or platinum, you aint going nowhere if you arent master or challenger. Most of the players who play want to be acknowledged, or want to get that little fame. Like chess it is players who play in every rating from 900-1100 or 1300-1500 and 1 player win. If every player know that he/she has the chance to shine in every league it would be ground breaking. Let us say top 10 jungler, top 10 adc or sup in every league every week. It will give them that little fame, and its fun to try to get there. If you are among 10 top for a month you will recive something special "medal" or whatever for that month. I have explained it very briefly and i think many of you get the idea. You can develop this more, or you can add more twists, but my main point is. This game needs something else then just grinding for getting to the next divison. What the parameters for each lane is completely up to riot to decide ofcourse. Other thoughts : I have thought about this many times before. When i get a team i want to know where my teamm8s play best. If you in game screen (where you ban/pick champs) could see the stats of the players adc/sup/top etc last 25 or so games, i might be more eager to let go my lane to let a sup adc or vice versa. Most players wanna win, and they wouldnt think twice letting a jungle who had 65% vs 30% winrate as jungler take that lane. I can see that someone wont give it up, but that you must respect. Im just saying we need some more info about how your team plays so you can have the best strategy rather going in a game where you dont know anything about your team. Many times i find my self playing flex, and we need a good sup, or a good top or adc. Why not implement a feature where you can "shout out" for people who wants to join a flex Q like in other MMOs "Need a jungle", and people can see that and just click to join?I know it needs more work to implement that. But it would be much better then just inv random players all time. I just wrote this on the run, many of the thoughts maybe hard implementing. But its just fun to play with some new ideas. Who knows something good comes out of it. I have many more and can eleborat emore, but i think i nailed the main points. Sorry for my english.
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