Season 7 is by the far worst season to date. (PLEASE READ/COMMENT)

I feel this season has been a disaster for me. I'm not sure if its just my personal feelings and opinion or if many who grind ranked games or enjoy trying to climb feel the same way about this season. I'll state why I think Season 7 is just awful and feel Riot are failing the players. 1. Catering to the "Meta" - YES there has always been a "Meta" throughout the seasons of LoL which naturally defines a certain guideline to follow. but in every other season apart from Season 7 I felt you could play off "Meta" champions and still feel rewarded playing them. I feel Riot have made it almost impossible this season to keep this unique factor in the game and have actually forced people to have to play this "Play Meta or die style gameplay" its sad to see people not really being able to invent a play style or play champions that are hugging riots mighty nerf bat. 2. Champion Diversity (Ties in with Meta) Again I feel people are forced to play whatever champion is greatly buffed or overpowered and actually it's so boring and horrible having to play/be against the same champions over and over again because they are literally broken. ATM its {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} as for when the Lethiality Patch happened it was {{champion:110}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:126}} . I don't mind champions being a little bit stronger than others but at-least offer some kind of Outplay potential . what's the point in having so many Champions if only a certain few just faceroll everyone. Again you have forced people to play with this mentality of "play this or have a increased chance of losing". "Banning Phase" Just give us a total of 10 Bans" - It's sad really because I never felt the game needed 10 bans until Season 7 as once again riot have failed to balance any part of this season. "Outplay/Skill" I feel that this is the the saddest part. Season 7 offers very little reward/result for outplaying or generally being better than you're opponent. {{champion:268}} is such a beautiful and fun champion to play and has such a nice kit to outplay people. never mind as {{champion:134}} with press Q R, {{champion:105}} anything ad you will die. Auto-fill - Get rid this just breeds trolls. Don't get me wrong you have done some good things to, new champion designs and game modes etc.. but the general prospectus of the game is shifting into PLAY THIS NOW OR DIE. BAN THIS OR FF. PLAY THIS TO CLIMB! it just offers no imaginative style of play.
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