Hate me all you want but I think Riot has improved greatly compared to last year

I started playing this rage inducing game at the start of season 6 and back then everybody was so angry at some things riot did(dynamic queue for example). I'm not saying they were wrong of course,with constant shitposts like I'm leaving LoL or I'm moving to Overwatch. I made some friends from earlier season which they all agree last year sucked. But right now imo LoL is having it's best year,constant balanced reworks and unique and fun champions,new maps and gamemodes,things we never had like events,long waited features like replays,training modes and honor system rework. Riot is always seen as a money hungry company since it's so rich but they are literally giving us skins for free ffs. Now when I read something from boards or ingame chat like how riot is evil and just money hungry I start to see an entitled child who can't see the reality infront of him I'm ready for your hate {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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