Least viable meta ever

Literally if you don't go hyper mobile, Dark Harvest character, have the free clock at level 1, it's basically GG now, which you build half free Zhonya, it's pretty much over. I've tried main Aurelion Sol lately and it's been a freakin nightmare. There's just too many champions to ban and even when last pick enemy still has at 2 assassins every game with high mobility. Every single AP champion with 0 mobility is basically dead now thanks to broken Dark Harvest. I went like 10-20-20 Zed couple of games ago and only focused on farming the stacks, and frankly we won because enemy couldn't push. Like... what the %%%% are you doing? - How can you make the most mobile champions now deal insane enough damage to basically 1v1 someone from initiating the fight half a screen away? You've been giving EVERYTHING to these super high mobile champions. First it was Ahri, who has HEAL, TRUE DAMAGE, 3 %%%%ing leaps, then it was LeBlanc which became impossible for anyone to gank, except maybe Vi at level 6, but then you could just take barrier for sustaining a burst and your character is immortal. Are you planning to make every new champion just simply broken? Every old champion that doesn't have insane mobility is just trash now? I mean most of the champs are now like 45% and below winrates while there's like 10-20 that go above 55%. The balance is all over the place and you made it even worse with the recent changes.... who the %%%% is in charge? - 600 gold item free level 1. Dark Harvest that can easily hit like 400 damage after 20 minutes, which easily executes champions if you have high AD/AP. You don't even have to melee them anymore. All you have to sneeze at them and the enemy goes million health away. Like literally Amumu can take Dark Harvest now. Who doesn't benefit from this? Maybe a support and AD if they're against high sustain on bottom lane but other than that... you get constanly easy stacks and lategame you can easily shoot people dead with champions like Jhin who can wait till 3rd shot and blink in doing 1.5k crit + Dark Harvest and the enemy is dead. What the %%%% are you doing? - I mean have you taken a look on champion like Aurelion Sol and his E? This is his mobility tool that doesn't provide anything but going over walls. Well now you got Kayn who can basically do the same, plus ability to change location. You can do that with smaller cooldown. Enemy jungle had freakin Dark Harvest Ekko and he nearly 1 shotted me from 80% health with 1 combo, got finally stunned by R+Q and then lost to maybe 10% hp from 30% only to Zhonya out because hey it's free stopwatch. You should honestly just fire whole balance department, anyone couldn't do as bad job as they are doing.
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