My theory why many people hate this preseason

So I apologize for my bad English. If you find mistakes you can keep 'em. I read a lot from people complaining about League not feeling how it used to. About the unbalance that came with 5.22. That it's worse now than ever before. Games snowballing out of control and OP marksmen or in general AD champs. These people criticize Riot for destroying the game and ruining it for everyone. They speak about the good old days when they loved LoL and had nothing to complain about. So there were a time they considered LoL as finished. Perfect. Stop changing or you will destroy it. The thing about LoL is that it is constantly evolving. New champs, new items, new strategies, new counter strategies. Is that bad? In my opinion it is not. I like that Riot is constantly working on League not only balancing it but bringing new things in. Sure they unbalance the game but every time they do, they fix it. So what is it that makes this patch so awful? I think it's the fact, so many things got changed. Several champion reworks, new items, new buildpaths for many champs, new prices, new masteries, new start items, new potions. Even the Juggernauts are still kinda new. People who played for a long time and always had a clue what to do suddenly have so many choices. And everyone asks himself "damn what's the best to do now". We just don't know anymore exactly how strong we are or our enemies. We can't find any guides online to lead us. We have to try for ourselves. It feels a bit like learning the game new. We feel a bit lost. Sure some things are OP. But Riot needs to bring these things in to gather data so they can balance them. It's preseason. It is the time where we try new things, throw away old strategies and make up new ones. Things aren't even as bad as often said. Everything just feels a bit different and we are afraid of what is different. The game is still fun. Games are still turned by teams playing well together or lost by people just flaming each other. And i have faith in Riot that most things will be fixed until the season starts. Plus we all get used to the new things after some games. And find our comfort. Riot thank you for your efforts and keep up the good work.
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