Is the grade system not working as good as it should for supports?

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I am a support main and have seen a lot of A+ ratings. Not that it is bad, but I usually don't see an S-, S or S+ unless I steal kills or get a lot of cs. The Gyazo is an example of this and this is not meant as a rant, but rather a constructive criticism of the system because it might be too hard to get an S for us supports out there! I love the system and it makes me do my very best every game just might be a bit too hard? The Quinn in that game got an S- and I A+. This is mostly because as a support you are not supposed to take kills, but it seems like the only way to get a top rating is by going ham and doing all you can for kills. Even dying a lot more and getting kills seems to give a higher rating. I wonder if the system is just not made well for us that main support and maybe should get some readjustment so that it isn't only kills that matters! Hope to see you on Summoners Rift! {{champion:16}} {{summoner:31}}
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