Is riot doing everything possible to fock tft ?

Hello. So riot has done many things to fock tft up. These are the following in order of appearence: 1) They tease by not allowing them to try it out on pbe eventually killing it's huge hype (although i understand that they couldn't possibly allow everyone on pbe). 2) They dont release ranked instantly and allow you only to play normals. Why would anyone want to play a game mode without rewards or a competitive system? 3) Then they release the tft hub with some "rewards". Is this a joke? Cause if it is, it's a really bad one. There is no way someone could get most of these rewards unless he was grinding non stop. I dont see why anyone would to tft grind on normals on summer... 4) They finally release tft ranked! But there is a catch. It is in the middle of july!!! Really. In the middle of summer holidays! Now we can start doing the missions to get the great rewards (irony). I cant wait to get those summoner icons and emotes! Oh wait. I guess riot will remove the TFT HUB. WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE IT? YOU ARE A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY AND CANT AFFORD TO SUPPORT THE HUB ON CLIENT? There goes the missions and the cool purple arena. At lease they gave you the little legend and the 2 other arenas for free, guess they are not that money hungry. 5) Tft is released on beta. Ranked mode on beta. For those of you who don't know it, in most of the games that release ranked mode on beta every progress is lost on the official release. Rip all those ranked games you played. 6) There is not tft profile yet. No progress tracker, no tft match history, nothing! 7) Dont worry tho. The tft hub will appear again. In 2-3 weeks, when the next patch arives. Until then you have to guess your tft ranked progress by only knowing the division and by needing to create a tft lobby every time you want to do it.
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