The ADC role is so bad that im quitting League

Well it has come to the point where adc's really cant do anything. Adc's are so bad that people pick ziggs in the botlane. It results in botlane ziggs having the highest winrate amongst all other adcs. Memes are everywhere on the internet telling us how useless adc's are. We play in a meta where it all depends on the jungler. If you have a bad jungler and enemy team has a superior jungle. Chances of you winning are just as high as winning lane with Kalista (Who I still play to this date but is bad as hell in laning phase) I was then searching on the internet for moba's where it actually feels balanced. And I have come to the conclusion that being an adc main in league of legends is useless. So now I have jumped to Dota 2 where things actually are balanced. You actually have counterplay. Im talking about real counterplay to all champs all items. Not like in League Of Legends where you are full HP with {{champion:119}} And still getting dove by Rengar alone when you are same lvl and Rengar has 1 kill and you have 6. It has come to the point where you can't even hide under turrets. Literally all mages can one shot adc's. {{champion:99}} - {{champion:115}} {{champion:45}} you name it. I've started to play Pudge in Dota and I already find it way more balanced than League Of Legends! ADCS In 2017 LUL
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