Jhin is too weak right now, am i wrong?

Hello, i am here to talk about Jhin mostly. But wanted to talk about some changes from adc's sides, when it comes who is stronger (in my opinion) there is too op adc's exist in the game for long time and Riot didn't fix or nerf them, instead they buff them, or there is a weak adc's that didn't reach the league of others adc's. So the list of broken adc's or too strong (in my opinion): #1 Vayne: *(This champion i automatically banned her every game, without even thinking, or looking at comp. Because its really pick to win, from iron to challenger the most broken adc in the game since her release i guess, Melt tanks, 1 shot adc's stun assassins, faster than mage)* __ #2 Draven: *(His Q deal as much damage as the last shot of Jhin, and even faster, stronger, and give him a refresh for his W, which makes him even faster + he get more money than any other adc's in the game)* __ #3 Ezreal: *(The only champ, that making him skill shot champion is useless, because his skill shots, literally 90% you cant dudge it, and with his W + Q or even autoattack, he deal more damage than Jhin and kalista autoattack together and thx to his item, he even slow, and his W can move over the minions)* __ #4 Kai'sa: *(When she released she was Vayne but stronger, now she is Vayne V.2, she melt tanks, especially when she has a cc supp, which help her passive to stack, her damage faster than any other adc thx to her E, she has invisibility against assassins, W of Jinx, but stronger and longer free shield makes her tank and free dash to dudge any ulti or assassins 1 shot)* __ #5 Jinx: *(Insane movement speed thx to her passive, root, slow + huge damage from her W, extra damage from her Q, longest range in the game from her Q, Ultimate deal % damage depends on ur missing health(Rip ulti of Jhin and his 4th shot) she has it in a bigger area anyway)* __ #6 Ashe: *(Riot logic: Ashe doesn't crit instead she slow down, and deal BONUS DAMAGE"this bonus damage deal as much as crit and even more" and she has free crit with her W, and slow down, and her passive slow down just amazing, assassin? ULTI free stun ez kill, her Q after 5 hits, she can melt literally anything from baron to teemo stronger than early champs too, including Jhin)* __ #7 Miss Fortune: *(Free 200% crit Q behind the minion, ez to hit because WE ALL WANT CS, and so u will be forced sometimes to get hit by it, and go back to base to restore, or buy heal points and stay under tower, bonus damage with her passive+her Q+ 200% crit, in just a 0.1 sec if u stayed behind a dead minion, free movement speed as much as the mobility boots + attack speed, slow down and AOE ultimate that deal even more damage than Lucian ultimate for a single target)* __ #8 Sivir: *(Q damage just insanely good in early and late, early reduce ur hp much that u cant face her anymore, and late take 50% of ur hp and anyone who got hit by it too, free farm with her W that just destroy minions including u who try to play safe behind minion, free shield that block literally ANY ABILITY and give her mana, ulti, extra movement speed for everyone around u and u, that allow u to engage like Kled, and deal damage like adc, and solo assassins like a boss)* __ #9 Xayah: *(free damage + feathers in her Q, free attackspeed with her W and if her rakan with her, DOUBLE the effect, u have 1Mil feathers behind the enemy after long fight? take it back and make it double the trouble + a root, an ultimate that literally dodge any ability for long time, Really long time, and give u a feathers + damage that allow u to grab ur feathers and stun the enemy, ASSASSINS ? GO HOME)* __ #10 Tristana: *(Free range in her passive, attack speed increased by 110% FOR 7 sec, which means until team fight is over, free JUMP that is bigger than leblanc dash, a bomb that destroy waves and tower, and YOU, an ultimate that push you mil miles away, so assassins will be pushed away from me as well as tanks, like a boss)* __ This is the champions ill talk about right now from the strong ones, not all op. But i put from the strongest to the weakest from playable champs. Next, the list of champions out of the league, too weak to picked: #1 Kalista: *(might be because its so hard to play, but ill put it here, because literally 1% of players can do something with her)* __ #2 Jhin: (He used to be strong, playable, fun, Jhin supposed to be squishy destroyer, and hard against tanks, but he is weaker than vayne early and late(WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO MELT TANKS NOT SQUISHY) * #*his 4th shot weaker than Draven aa, slower than all ADC's lower damage in auto attack than other adc's no survive ability except his movement speed, which take 25% of his damage + not that much of a movement speed than before, and doesn't save him from 1 shot, because u have to shoot to get escape, "offensive escape??"* __ * # his W deal less damage than any other long rage W ability such as Jinx and Kai'sa, and it is not that much of useful, it root yes, but the slow down of Jinx more op, his E deal damage that is not that big for a trap, and so hard to let someone stand on it, and when they do, u should aim ur W, and guess what, ur W root isnt so good at early to keep them on it, so even if u root them, they will get out, and which one would u like more, deal more damage with ur E or root them longer, to take few damage from ur E ? __ * #now the ulti, this champion ultimate, is Beautifully designed, weak performance, his first 3 shots, deal damage not that big, depends on ur missing health, and slow u down, his 4th shot not bad of a damage if u are lower than 50% hp, but his passive 4th shot in late stronger than his ultimate, WHY? isn't his ultimate supposed to be the upgrade of his passive ? which means should be always stronger, and why it deal less damage than other ultimates such as jinx ultimate for example, * #now his passive, his passive well designed, except the fact it doesnt make him strong enough to be in his place, in fact that his passive a bit similar to Yasuo's passive which double his crit but reduce his damage by 10%, Jhin get damage reduced by 25% , not for crit, but for only movement speed, after he crit, which is for me not logical at all, double crit more important than movement speed. So anyway next is his attack speed which give him damage and crit and damage with change all of them to damage, we all know that Jhin has the most AD in the game, but do we feel its damage ? well i dont, i used to feel it. Instead of attack speed he should deal tons of damage each shot, but with reduce 25% of damage for movement speed, killed his damage that any adc can kill him, here is Draven which deal more damage than him but he doesnt have reduced crit, which makes it unfair, u have movement speed in Jhin passive, but only when you crit, and his movement speed isnt as strong as Miss Fortune W and Draven W, which give them both, movement speed + attack speed, the reload duration of his passive, doesnt get faster with items, neither with level, which means if u are in team fight and u hit 4 shots ? get out of team fight and wait to reload, and if u didnt hit the ur shots and u want to reload go wait 10 sec, which means until the fight end or until ur team die XD)
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