Why is Riot defying the rules when it comes to their new Champions...

I understand from a game design point of view you want to keep it unique and different and make every champ feel different and not have 2 champs that are the same... BUT OMFG! You guys keep breaking the rules of the moba game.... Kayn can go through walls... Casually... A moba just doesn't work that way, You can't have 136 champions that can not go through walls and then have this 1 that defies the moba formula and just avoids several walls.(Bard doesn't really count =_=) Then you get Ornn, their next champ who can buy items from the lane... So we have 137 champs that have to recall and buy from the store like normal, but then you have this 1 champ that can just buy items from the lane???? That's not okay... When last did riot make a BASIC and simply normal champion. Like this ability shoots a projectile. This ability stuns them. This ability is a point click dot... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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