Getting over bad games

So one of my biggest problems with league is that when I have a game where I myself play really poorly, I literally can't get over it for days. If I feel like I did well but I still lose the game? Honestly, not tilted (mostly). However, when I lose a game because I myself played poorly... Jesus, I can tilt to an unbelievable level. For example, 2 games I recently played. A Kayn Game where I went around 12/4 and didn't do too bad in my opinion. We lost because part of my team made a stupid call - I pinged them back but they still went in, died and we lost the game. I honestly had fun. However, in a recent Jhin game of mine I played against Blitzcrank support and I just somehow couldn't dodge hooks for the life of me that game. In fact, I got so tilted by it that I aggresively wanted him to hook me so that I can prove to myself that I'm still able to dodge them! Does anybody feel the same and/ or have advice for it?
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