Do you feel Leblanc could use a buff ?

So i tried a lot of lelblanc games lately. While I am aware that she can snowball ( but then to be fair which champ can not ? ) I am having a rought time sometimes with her. Especially her combo q w e the e is sometimes hard to land in a real short time or when its a hectic team fight. Her base stats dont really let you assasin anyone with 100% health pre6 and even then you must have patience and you MUST pull off these 3 plus ult ability depending on situation to really get a kill unless the target is low health. Compare it to a yasuo who deals a lot early and scales so tremendously into late..or an Ekko. I wonder why has the silence been removed ? Her winrate right now is 45% pretty meagre. Whats so bad about a short silence on a proccing q.
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