Jungle Items. (Ap jung items for now at least)

You know, i was wondering, why doesnt riot just let us have a bigger selection of jungle items, the smite ones i mean. Why not have the AP movement speed jung item and the AP cdr item. Why does riot have to change those around back and forth, i never understood that, because certain champions like Eve could care less about cdr on jungle item. The game should have more variety in items in my opinion. Jungle items consist of, Warrior if you are AD bruiser champ, Runic echoes item with cdr because you are AP champ, Cinderhulk because you are a tank, and Bloodrazor if you are att speed based. Why not have a difference in jung items, like you had Warrior and Assassin (or something like that), one gives cdr and ad, while the other offers some early lethality and no cdr. Runic echoes, one with Mov speed, and the other with CDR. (remember what riot made, Runeglaive, made champs like Fiddlesticks jung useless and i dont want it to happen again) Cinderhulk like, one offers thornmail, and the other offers the AoE sunfire burn. But both offer the extra 15% health. And for Bloodrazer, you could have that, and Devourer. One gives you more damage based on stacks while the other always offers max hp damage. Good for different situations. But idk, i dont work at riot, but knowing the balance team (banner of command buff making it to live am i right xD) they would most likely screw something up. What do you guys think, should we just have one option for every jungle item or more. And please do remember everything i said is just ideas, im not giving specific numbers on these items, like maybe the assassin jungle item could have a little bit less lethality than duskblade or something like that.
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