Viktor is allowed way too much simply for being a "complicated champ"

TLDR : viktor is too strong for no reason at all As you can see from this screenshot of my champion mastery, viktor is my "weakest" champ in terms of mastery level Surely if I decided to jump in and start playing some viktor, I wouldn't do too well right ? Specially since all in all I wouldn't say I'm anything more than a mediocre player my first game with vik since like 2 years ago : ok, maybe I just got lucky ig (despite the defeat), vik is suposed to be complicated, probably got matchmade with a bunch of plebs or something my second game : Ok so am I just being consitently lucky with matchmaking or is there soemthing wrong with viktor ? Imo, there's something very wrong with viktor, his damage is way too high, he probably gets away with it for being a "complicated champ" but the only thing complicated with him is getting used to his e's unusual casting And if you've played some rumble before it's not something you wouldn't already be used to So what gives, why can vik one shot a lvl 18 ahri with just a q ? that's not even a skillshot and it's got like a 3 second cd
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