thoughts about Rakan and ways to improve him and make him stable in the next patches

since rakan was introduced in the live server,i played him a lot in all maps with different champions and against different ones. i enjoyed playing Rakan,he's really fun as a supp and has good crowd control. here are my thoughts on ways to make him a stable support champ like leona and others : 1) E nerf range : the E range on champions other than Xayah seems decent. you have to be close to them in order to dash toward them or shield them from various attacks,but the E range on Xayah seems way too big and somehow not right. - conclusion : nerf the range on Xayah for better experience. as for the other champions,adjust the range by either making it slightly short or big,but in general,it's in the right range 2) W small buff range and small nerf damage : well,the time of casting his W seems correct,it shouldn't be changed because if you either nerf or buff the timing,you'll have to make a lot of unnecessary changes. instead,keep this timing because it fits rakan perfecty,but instead,nerf his damage on his W and buff his range. his W range shouldn't be buffed a lot like the E range on Xayah,just a small range buff will do it in order to make him more viable during engages and escapes while his nerf damage will cover for his small buff. 3) Q buff range and nerf damage : his Q range is way too small. i understand that you need to get really close to land it perfectly but there are high risks to be rekt by ranged champions which makes his Q kinda useless to poke and to heal your teammates in the process. i'm not talking here about a big range buff,just a decent buff where he can poke/harass enemies. as for his damage,it should be nerfed a little to cover for this buff while also reducing his damage with his Q when he goes full ap. 4) R time duration buff and movement speed nerf : his R is awesome in every aspect and it's fun when you activate it then engage in a teamfight,but it has a small duration which is kind of a problem because it ends quickly before hitting your enemies when they're escaping and end up dying. also,the movement speed which is set at 50% bonus is cool,but it should be reduced. if you're against an enemy rakan with a lot of movement speed then he ults,whether he's escaping or engaging,it's annoying how much movement speed he has when you're slow compared to him and you can't reach him or deal damage to him,it's kinda frustrating and unfair. that's why it should be nerfed. - conclusion : R time duration should be buffed by at least 2 more seconds while his movement speed when ulting should decrease by 5% or 10% each every 0.5 sec or 1 sec ******************** anyway,these are my thought to make Rakan stable in the next patches. i hope you made the time to read this (including this last paragraph) and i hope you'll share your thoughts too about rakan. have a nice week,summoners. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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