Legit discussion about Darius.

I am not a new player and moved to EUW recently and am playing on a new account as such. I main Jax top lane, Katarina mid lane, and those are the roles I usually play. I've played tons of Garen and Amumu so I know what tanky bruisers/juggernauts feel like. I've been playing tons of Darius over the last two weeks, both on here and Garena (mostly on Garena due to higher ping on EUW), and I feel this guy is overrated as an un-playable matchup and the bans on him down in low elo is based mostly on hearsay by people who just don't understand how to play vs him. He is legit banned every second or third match I play and I still feel like Darius isn't nearly as cancerous a character as these players make him out be. For starters he is - **1.** Far more kiteable than even Garen, a character people complain to be very kite-able. **2.** Has very long wind up times on his abilities. **3.** Shit tankiness compared to any other juggernaut in game. **4.** Terrible split pusher high elo due to severe lack of mobility. Even juggernauts such as Garen and Sion split push far better with their Q and inting strategy respectively. **5.** Has a Q so telegraphed it has to either be followed up after a slow, or you risk having an experienced enemy either walk away from it or move inwards to punish you harder. **6.** Ultimate has a wind up time longer than that of most other bruisers (I cannot recall the amount of times I died as a new Darius player because the ultimate took close to a second to fire off). **7.** Is a worse beyblade than Garen. You either aim your Q's outer edge right or it's essentially wasted mana. **8.** Noxian might is ridiculously overpowered but needs those 5 stacks to be of any use, which means you lose out to every bruiser with a high attack speed snd a gap closer late game. Darius isn't ever beating a late game Yi, Jax, or Fiora due to how hard he falls off in comparison to these and since these won't allow him to recover off Q that easily. That said, I feel that Noxian might is one of the most, if not THE most threatening passive to have in game and boosts Darius to becoming a sky high threat once activated. But here in lies the problem with it in the laning phase - It requires you to hit the enemy 5 times in a row which takes a very long time with Darius's early game attack speed. And considering how Darius is a very strong early-mid game character, an experienced player will NOT allow him to get those stacks up unless he miscalculates or severely messes up. These others are the type of players who will try to 1v1 Darius early game and then jump on the banwagon instead of trying to learn to not fight extended trades in lane. As powerful as Noxian might may be, it is easier reached against immobile champs such as Urgot and Sion who you have a field day landing that Q on and cannot get away easily especially after that initial slow. Darius continues to outclass most such juggernauts far into late game and will almost always win a fair trade against these. Not to say that Darius is weak (he clearly isn't) but he is definitely as not overpowered as less experienced players would have you believe. He is a true monster after he's landed that first bleed and unlocked Noxian might and at this he is going to need a very skilled player to pull it off constantly, especially in team fights. He can be a true monster in the hands of a very skilled player, but once you play him you realize he isn't nearly as imposing as a presence and while he has an amazing passive and tons of attack power, he lacks severely in early game tankiness and the mobility department which makes him a very easy target for ganks. Now that I've played Darius personally, I would be far more inclined to ban a character such as Urgot or Teemo instead over a dunkmaster who cannot kite you while under tower and is going to have a far more difficult time preventing you from grabbing cs.

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