I dodged for the first time

Hello all, I an vonov from EUNE...38 years old...ex-Dota2 player...play LoL for fun and to relax my brain...Silver3...not a bad player(I say). Why do i have to wait for 30:00 minutes for dodging a ranked game, where my team is picking troll champs and the enemy team has a perfect match? I always write to Riot/LoL about this stupid matchup, where I am teamed with the worst players ever(for the last 30 ranked games). I am silver3 because i just started to play ranked. I've started ranked because of very low quality players that i get in my team(racists, verbal abusers,etc.). Now I see that Riot does ZERO when it comes to reports. I get you Riot that is all about the money, but the game is meant to be fun, not to make me delete my account. For every *please focus and play def*(5/5 top lane) message, i get *f##k you mother stupid idiot. i report you*(comes from an 5/13 mid and from 4/11 jungle premade). Then comes the supp 0/7 where he says *i hope you die moron*(probably prem with mid and jngl). Me and ADC doing our best to not loose the game and always typing *pls focus and don't feed...we can win this*. Either i'm getting old or LoL players(most of them under 14 yoa) have no clue about the game or about human interaction/coordination. Maybe I have to go back to Dota...maybe replay SuperMario... Question: am i the only one getting bad teammates? Question2: If my ranked trend is upward, why do I gen team players from the bottom of the tier?(me silver3, the rest of 4 are below bronze2) Question3: why the enemy team gets(always) 2 gold, 1 plat, 1 smurf(booster) and 1 silver? if you got this far, thank you for reading! (maybe it's just me...maybe I am the crazy one) Have a nice day...GL&HF
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