New Support Items and Raka

Unsealed spellbook is busted (at least it is higher up the ladder), especially on champions who synergise really well with this and have a lot of value from the increased potion power when in the ''inspiration'' tree. When combined with spellthief's edge or even when fully upgraded to frost queen's claim it became even more of a pain in the ass, which is why I understand Riot had to do something about the current state of support item's in lane. Their solution was to remove tier 3 support items (Face of the mountain{{item:3309}} , Frost queen's claim {{item:3312}} and Talisman of ascension{{item:3306}} ) completely from the game and integrate sightstone within the quest line's . They didn't say anything about this in the patchnotes (see below or []), but i think this had more to do with the use of support items in lane ruining league's competetive play, rather then them feeling supports had too spend too much gold early on. > Supports spend a ton of gold—and slot space—on two items that exist largely for their role. We're merging those items together to give supports more autonomy in their itemization. I rarely play support. But between the occasional premade bot duo, autofill or just "i don't feel like tryharding too much this game" my preference usually goes out towards playing Soraka. For a long time now she's been my most played support and stands among my top 4 most played champs of all time, the biggest reason she's not in my top 3 (at least not anymore) is because i stopped playing her altogether during the lovely ardent cencer meta {{item:3504}} . I was probably the only soraka player in EUW that actually played her less during this meta, but I'm used to building her a certain way and this meta was forcing me to rush an item I usually wouldnt buy but now just had too or I wouldn't even stand a chance. And now, with the new item's, i'm facing a very similar problem. You see I play soraka in a very strange way, but it makes sense too me, works for me and after 140k in mastery points, I just can't function without it. My playstyle is a hybrid between utility and sustain, which turns soraka more into a late game champ, which can always keep their carries healthy no matter what you throw at them. My build is as follows: 1. Talisman of ascension {{item:3306}} 2. Redemption {{item:3107}} 3. Ionian Boots {{item:3158}} 4. (Ruby) Sightstone 5. Warmog's Armor {{item:3083}} 6. Locket{{item:3190}} /ardent{{item:3504}} /rabadons{{item:3089}} /mikaels {{item:3222}} (all depending on situation) With the new runes i have found great use of guardian, which also synergises very well with this build. This build always worked on me and I still think of Warmog's as a core item on soraka (the damage you take from your W doesn't proc Warmog's passive so you can always keep healing until you run out of mana). Talisman itself was always of great use to me because the movement speed would help me reach carries getting cought, helped me reposition when getting dived on and helped me kite around a teamfight giving out heals like its Christmas. But now 2 of the core component's are missing/lacking from my build. One of course being talisman and the other being warmog's. The reason for this is because a 500hp item has been replaced by a 200hp item, and where this usually got me just barely across the Warmog's passive threshold (depending a lot on current level), I am now having a lot of trouble reaching 2750. For now I've been experimenting with wierd, cringy builds, such as buying a knights vow {{item:3109}} , spirit vissage {{item:3065}} or even ohmwrecker {{item:3056}} just to reach the 2750hp i need. The problem with the latter two is that they're just to expensive. it was manageable when warmog's was the only non-support item in my build, but if i also want to buy a full tank item like SV it just takes ages to get it, and my power spike is easily pushed to 40+ minutes. Riot always states they provoke different playing styles (which is why the new rune system was created in the first place), and by removing the tier 3 support items i'm sure they are hurting a lot more support player's then they intend too. Surely a lot of Morgana and Nami player's must miss their spooky ghosts (especially in morg's ult) or simply the 60AP instead of 20AP. I get what they wanted too do with this change, but it just doesn't make sense too me. It feels like Riot is saying "Malzahar is OP, so let's nerf Soraka and every other mage-support". The occasional autofill is inevitable, but at least I'd like to play the one support I love playing... my way. TL;DR: I think Riot went overboard with the changes to support items and hope they either find a way to compensate for players like myself or revert the changes altogether and find another solution.
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