Too many people climbing with luck is not funny riot..

If you watch my match history you will see some boosted monkeys.However i doubht they all boosted and i say luck. Its not funny seriously.I got this zoe last game who was sitting mid doing absolutly nothing.We did pretty fine bot but for some reason she didnt react move or take tower. In my opinion she got plat with luck.Plat is not such a low elo and i disagree to let people climb by luck. 3 TOP..she didnt move..she didnt even take tower just afk farm lol.We asked for bot help cuz they were 3 with enemy mid there..she didnt move.Afk farm sayng"you dont know how this game works"wtf. Riot i hate when people climb with luck i hate it.Plat is probably the worst elo that someone can ever be.I dont wanna troll games cuz im not that person.So give me silver plz.Im better there.
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