Season 8: "Play like crap and STILL win the game..."

Too many champions have these conditions which makes League not at all about skill anymore... Example: *cough* {{champion:67}} *cough* This is what League has become... I'm sorry but champions like {{champion:67}}, {{champion:75}}, {{champion:45}} ect are frustrating as hell to play against and bring little to the game because you can just die 500 times and still win the game through luck. Whereas other champions become utterly useless if they aren't ahead. What is the point of learning a more complex champion, if I can just pick one of these and suffer little to no fallout for my mistakes? How does that make me a better League player? Or does that just make me an opportunist? At least newer champs, {{champion:142}}, {{champion:145}}, {{champion:39}} are strong but can't do much if they get behind or die a lot.

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