Games flaws or rather how can we make this game better?

Any of you have any kind of suggestions as to how can we make the game experience better? Let me be clear, don't say stuff like ban feeders, ban leaver, delete noobs. Getting rid of these kinds of behaviors is not by banning them but by removing the cause of their behavior. so, I will say some things that i think would make the game a lot better and with a little bit of goes nothing :) . towers should change! at the moment towers have no real effect on the result of the game. If you are getting ganked by enemy jungler/mid staying under tower won't help much and a late game tank can easily take the damage of 2 towers and come out alive with somewhere around 50% hp. . the ranking system should change If the ranking system was purely based on divisions and tiers, this could work a lot better but as they implemented it on the mmr system, it's not working properly for that last several seasons. The reason is that you are never in the right division. after some winning streaks your mmr gets higher than your division and the system tries to even it out and then we come to the streak of never ending loosing games which then again makes your mmr lower than your actual rank, then you get into the dilemma of trying to make your mmr normal again and then the cycle starts a new with some winning strikes again.
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