Renekton the OP crocodile

I play a lot of tryndamere top in high gold/low plat. The matchup that is never working out for me is renekton. There is nothing you can do but hope for ganks. You can never win a lane against renekton 1v1. Even Boxerpete, a challenger player in Na says there is nothing to be done against renekton except pray for ganks. I trust riot and you always talk about making a fair game so I have a question for you and anyone that knows: What is renektons (supposed) weakness, if any? He does NOT scale off at all anymore. Renekton is good at ALL stages of the game, regardless of build or masteries. He wins all early trades. He escapes ganks with 2 dashes. He has sustain, cc and is unkillable latgame with tank items while killing squishies. I am just wondering if there is a way a tryndamere could beat a renekton or if you just lose flat out after picks and bans. If so then this is not cool gameplay design. I want to have an option to win, besides pray my jungler outganks theirs. PS:Please give a smart nerf to renekton, he is not fair in any melee matchup.
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